Best places where to eat in St Petersburg: restaurants & cheap places

Best places where to eat in Saint Petersburg: restaurants & cheap places

We have a small list of places to eat in St Petersburg that we particularly appreciate where the food, the service, the interior design and the atmosphere are good, even very good. So we are going to share a few in this article: from restaurants with a view of Saint Petersburg to canteens where to eat in Saint Petersburg at low cost.

Note: we do not have a partnership with the restaurants listed here and in the address book of the special Saint Petersburg travel guide. It is therefore an opinion based solely on our own experience.

Restaurants in Saint Petersburg: practical information

Nevsky Avenue is the city’s main avenue. It is therefore very touristy, especially towards the part close to the Hermitage and the Notre-Dame-de-Kazan Cathedral. Therefore, not all addresses on Nevsky are necessarily the best. Finally, there are only a few addresses that are good.

Obed. There are many offices in the city center. So who says offices says lunch break. Many restaurants therefore offer special lunch formulas. The word Obed (ОБЕД) means lunch in Russian. These formulas are very interesting for their price. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of it! Especially since the hours of obeds are quite extensive, often from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Opening hours. Almost all restaurants and cafes serve throughout the day, there are no specific times. We can therefore eat at any time. So it’s practical, because we don’t need to adapt our day of visit accordingly.

Cheap places where to eat in St Petersburg

Lunch formula. To eat in St. Petersburg not only inexpensively, but also well, you must take full advantage of the lunch formulas: the famous obed.

Stolovaya # 1, Russian canteen where to eat quickly in Saint-Petersburg

There are quite a few canteens all over the historic center, like Stolovaya # 1 (СТОЛОВАЯ №1). This chain of canteens is not expensive at all. For example, count only 45 rubles for a borsch (traditional Russian soup)! Taste level: it’s basic, but good.

Market Place, one of the best places to eat an obed in Saint Petersburg

In the “self” canteen style, but more qualitative, there is the Market Place chain, with several addresses on Nevsky and elsewhere in the city. Russian, Asian, Georgian and European cuisine: a large selection of stands! For us, Market Place is one of the best places where to eat in St Petersburg.

We see what we are going to eat, which is rather practical for choosing. The food is good. The restaurants are well decorated, it feels good. In addition, there is Free WiFi. For lunch on weekdays, the restaurant offers an obed which varies every day. The daily menu then includes a soup, a salad, a hot dish and a drink.

  • 250 rubles for an obed (soup, dish, salad, drink).

Teremok, “a Russian fast food”

In the low prices, there is also the Teremok chain. It’s a bit like a fast food, but with Russian cuisine and more “healthy” products. Typical Russian cuisine with soups, chops and above all super good savory pancakes! Order at checkout. Our favorite is the farmhouse pancake (mashed potatoes, bacon, fried onions).

  • 250 rubles for a pancake

Restaurants in Saint Petersburg with a view: where to eat in Saint Petersburg and admire the city

Peter and Paul Fortress. There is little choice in the area. Koryushka is a restaurant with a view of Saint Petersburg which is located on the island of the fortress. If you want to take advantage of the view of the Neva, make an impression and the price is not the most important criterion, then the Koryushka restaurant can be a good solution. The restaurant is known for the fish that locals love: koryushka (which means smelt).

  • around 2000 rubles per person

Kazan Cathedral. Behind the cathedral is a Georgian restaurant from the Ginza chain (like Koryshka, by the way). His name is Mamalyga. The quality is good, the service too. Geolocation – top. A good Georgian Khachapuri, what could be better! On the other hand, the view is not a view in height, the restaurant is located on the ground floor.

  • around 2000 rubles per person

Koryshka and Mamalyga are part of the Petersburg chain Ginza Project. It is a chain of restaurants, certainly, but almost every address is different (decor, cuisine). You can see the photos and the map of each restaurant on their website.

The Terassa and Mansarda restaurants are restaurants with a view of Saint Petersburg as well. From Terassa, we can see Saint Kazan Cathedral, from Mansarda – Saint Isaac Cathedral.

Where to eat caviar in St. Petersburg?

There seems to be a consensus on the internet around the restaurant “Caviar Bar”, opposite the Philharmonie. It is the restaurant of the Belmond hotel, a luxurious palace.

  • Caviar Bar, 1/7 Mikhailovskaya Street.

However, we tested the caviar tasting of the Severyanin restaurant. There are several types of caviar to try. It was really good.

  • Severyanin, 18, Stolyarnyy Pereulok

Restaurants in Saint Petersburg | Prices

There are restaurants at all prices: from 250 rubles up to 3000 rubles and more per person.

  • <7 $: Teremok
  • $ 7 – $ 20: Marketplace
  • > 20 $: Koryushka (and restaurants of the same type as the Ginza chain)

Interesting in St Petersburg:

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