Where to stay in Moscow: best districts & hotels in Moscow, what to avoid

Where to stay in Moscow

Where to stay in Moscow? Here are the best districts and hotels in Moscow according to our experience! We have visited Moscow more than 10 times: I worked there, and now we are going there to see my friends. In this blog post, you will discover the essentials to find accommodation in Moscow during a trip:

  • The main districts where to stay in Moscow, as well as the districts to avoid;
  • The good addresses we know;
  • How to choose your hotel in Moscow (budget and advice).

Districts where to stay in Moscow, what to avoid

Capital of Russia, Moscow and its urban area extend over 1000 km² and have a population of almost 15 million. Having lived there, I confirm that it is quite difficult to find the ideal place to sleep in Moscow without knowing the city well.

The heart of Moscow. You can limit the center of Moscow with the “first ring”. This is the avenue that goes around downtown Moscow, in Russian: Sadovoie koltso (Садовое кольцо), in English Garden Ring and in French Garden Belt. The right bank of the Moskva River, where the Moscow Kremlin is located, is more dynamic.

Good to know. The most central point of Moscow is the Kremlin and more precisely the Teatralnaya station. You can then take this point as a point of reference for your research. By expanding your searches, you can benefit from lower rates. In this case, you should pay attention to the proximity of the hotel to a metro station, in order to facilitate travel.

Map of districts where to stay in Moscow: to be preferred on a first trip

Description of the main districts of central Moscow

Beyond its convenience for travel and its proximity to the heart of Moscow, the district which is within the perimeter of the metro stations Tchistye prudy (Чистые пруды), Kitay Gorod (Китай город) and Kuznetsky most (Кузнецкий мост) is very dynamic and friendly. These are therefore the best areas to stay in Moscow on a trip.

The Arbat Street (улица Арбат) district in Moscow is close to the Kremlin and can be interesting for its restaurants, boutiques and shops. However, you will be separated from the Arbatskaya metro by a giant 6-lane boulevard. You should also know that it is a rather touristy street.

Very cute, the district of the Patriarch’s Ponds (Патриаршие пруды) can attract those who appreciate the small streets, trendy restaurants and the novel “Master and Margarita” by Bulgakov. This area is very good for those who like to walk a bit and take a stroll, since transport passes about 10 minutes from the pond and the metro stations are not close either. However, it takes only 30 minutes to walk to Red Square and the Kremlin. A really good area where to stay in Moscow!

The Kuznetsky Most district is the most central, but also touristy. The Zamoskvoretchiye district is interesting for the discovery of a quieter Moscow with beautiful old Moscow buildings and in particular the visit to the Tretyakov Gallery, but it is not the most practical for the rest of the visits.

Hotels we know in Moscow

Our criteria. For us, comfort is just as important as price and geolocation. The hotels we are going to mention below are not necessarily the cheapest, but they are all fairly comfortable and above all well located.

Here are the hotels where we have stayed and liked the place.

Reasonably priced hotel near the Moscow Kremlin

Veliky Hotel Mokhovaya Moscow is a hotel 2 steps from the walls of the Kremlin, at less than 100 euros per night. Breakfast is a large buffet. The only catch is that it’s not really a living area: there are big avenues and it’s not where you meet a lot of locals.

Hotels in the heart of Kitai-Gorod, one of the best areas where to stay of Moscow

We have stayed at Aroom Hotel on Kitai Gorod several times. The hotel is located on a busy street, and therefore quiet. Breakfast is not great, however since there are quite a few cafes around with breakfast options, this is not a problem. Compared to its geolocation in Moscow, the rates are correct, that is to say less than 70 euros per night.

Hotel in the Arbat district of Moscow

A 15-minute walk from Red Square, near Arbat Street, there is the hotel Mercure: the sure bet! If you don’t want to take risks, it’s always good to take a hotel from a known chain.

Hotels around the Patriarch’s Ponds in Moscow

We know of two hotels where to stay in this area of ​​Moscow. The first is a 4 star hotel called Marco Polo Presnja Hotel. The rooms are quite large and comfortable, while the rates are around 100 euros per night. In the same area there is also the 3 star Hotel GOSTIKA with rates below 100 euros per night. Breakfast is good, the choice is wide, from salty to sweet.

Flats. From time to time, we also go through the AirBnB, where the locals offer short-term rentals of their apartments. It’s a way to dive deeper into local life. If you go through this link, you can get a 25 euro discount on your reservation, and we will also receive a reward.

Some tips to know

I also wanted to share two things to know for choosing hotels or apartments where to stay in Moscow.

Price fluctuation for hotels in Moscow

In Moscow, there is not really any price seasonality. Prices do not fluctuate as much as in St. Petersburg between summer and the rest of the year. However, one can notice an increase during the periods of holidays and celebrations. Indeed, it is mainly visible during the first week of January, the festivals of May. Besides, if you go during these periods, these two articles could interest you: New year and Christmas in Moscow and Moscow in May.

Tariffs in Moscow in comparison with Saint Petersburg. From a general point of view, hotel rates in Moscow are clearly higher than in St. Petersburg. If you are making a trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg in a week, consider taking an overnight train to save. We wrote an article dedicated to trains between these two cities: Trains between Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Hotels in Moscow: how does it work?

You have a very wide range of choices for accommodation in Moscow, from exceptional rooms with a view of the Kremlin to minimalist hostels. The hotels follow the classic star ratings. There are no big surprises in terms of operation.

Breakfast. If the hotel offer does not suit you, then you can still have breakfast elsewhere. Many cafes offer them. For example, there are breakfasts for 300 rubles per person.

If you didn’t like any of the hotels we know, here is the map of all the hotels offered on the Booking:


Finding where to stay in Moscow is not easy, but easier if you know a few key elements such as the main districts or the reference point of the city center.

If you know good hotels where to stay in Moscow: share with us, we are interested! So don’t hesitate to add them in the comments.

What to do in Moscow?

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