Moscow metro stations: most beautiful ones & how to use Moscow metro

Moscow metro stations: most beautiful ones & how to use Moscow metro

The Moscow Metro is a bit like an underground museum. It is considered the most beautiful in the world. In this article, I’m going to give further details about the most beautiful Moscow metro stations, and also where to buy tickets and how to use the Moscow metro including the Moscow metro map (or Moscow underground map).

Moscow metro map & how to use Moscow metro?

The Moscow metro is impressive in its appearance and is constantly growing. But do not panic, because if you are used to taking the metro, there is no problem.

Moscow underground map

Below you can find the Moscow underground map. The new stations are still appearing, but stations in the center do not change. I list the most beautiful Moscow metro stations below.

More Moscow city maps in this blog post.

How to use Moscow metro?

There are several options for taking the metro in Moscow: unlimited cards, single tickets or pre-loaded cards. In addition, some tickets are valid on the metro, but also on the Moscow public transport system. In order to discover all these possibilities in detail and define the one that suits you best, you can read this blog post:

Good to know! The signs inside the metro are in English, so it is easy to read them. The only difference compared to, for example, the Paris metro or London metro (as far as I remember when we went there) is the platforms. Indeed, the platform is shared for the two directions of the line. You must therefore read the directions carefully so as not to take the metro the wrong way. In general, past stations are grayed out, while the next stations are more visible.

Visit the most beautiful Moscow metro stations

So, how do you visit the most beautiful stations in Moscow and what do they look like?

Tips for visiting

Here are my tips for visiting the Moscow metro on your own, or on a guided tour in English.

Visit alone without guide

  • If possible, try to avoid peak hours that correspond to office hours (9 a.m. and 6 p.m.). Otherwise, your visit will turn more like an ordeal.
  • Some Moscow metro stations are a node of several metro lines. In parentheses, to help you find your way, I have indicated the platform of which line is the most interesting to see.
  • To visit Moscow, you will definitely take the metro, as it is the fastest means of transport. Locate the metro stations closest to your places of visit.
  • Arbatskaya and Smolenskaya stations are located at the ends of Arbat Street, the most famous pedestrian street in Russia.
  • Novokuznetskaya station is close to the Tretyakov Gallery.
  • If you are going to Saint Petersburg after your visit to Moscow, you will leave from Leningrad station. So, you can see the Komsomolskaya station.

Private guided tour in English

The history of the Moscow metro is particularly interesting to discover. I can describe everything in this article, but the Moscow metro is a perfect illustration of the Soviet era. If you want to discover the metro differently, you can take a guided private tour. For example:

Map and photos of the most beautiful stations of the Moscow metro

To help you locate the stations on the Moscow map. The stations in the city center like Lubyanka or Tchistye proudy are also pretty, but not as much as the others.

Here is the TOP of the prettiest stations:

  1. Kievskaya (line 4). The line 4 platform is the most remarkable. If you arrive by another line, then just follow the directions to make the change for line 4.
  2. Mayakovskaya (line 2), with a slightly futuristic air.
  3. Taganskaya (line 7)
  4. Arbatskaya (line 4)
  5. Komsomolskaya (line 1), one of the best known!
  6. Novoslobodskaya (line 5)
  7. Smolenskaya (line 3)

Here I have only mentioned the most beautiful metro stations in Moscow, but there are many others that are very pretty. In fact, all the old stations are impressive!

So, what do you think? What’s your favorite? I think my favorite is Komsomolskaya.

Moscow travel tips:

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