Seven Sisters Moscow | Where to find the soviet skyscrapers in Moscow?

Seven Sisters Moscow

The Seven Sisters Moscow are the soviet skyscrapers. They were built between 1940 and 1950. They mark the history and architecture of Moscow. So let’s discover each of them together!

The project initially consisted of eight buildings. In the end, only seven were completed. The skyscrapers were to show the greatness of the Union and the Soviet people. Besides, Stalin himself participated in the projects. The progress of the works and the construction were kept secret. Little information then circulated on the construction of these buildings.

Soviet skyscraper on the Kotelnichesky quay

It is one of the most seen Seven Sisters Moscow. Indeed, it is visible from the quays near the Kremlin and from the pedestrian bridge of the Saint-Sauveur Cathedral.

  • 176 meters
  • 32 floors
  • Inhabited building
  • A tunnel was supposed to connect the building to the Kremlin, but it was never finished.
  • Built by prisoners to preserve the secret aspect of construction
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs skyscraper

Ministry of Foreign Affairs skyscraper

  • The building is 172 meters tall.
  • The surface is 65,000 m².
  • 28 elevators
  • Closest station: Smolenskaya
  • Similarity to Woolworth Building in New York
  • Currently occupied by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia

Moscow State University (MGU), one the best-known Seven Sisters Moscow

It is the tallest Stalinist skyscraper. From a distance, the building does not seem so tall. You can see it up close from the sparrows hill, a place of panorama over the city.

  • 236 meters
  • 36 floors
  • 40,000 tonnes of steel
  • 175 million bricks
  • The red star weighs 12 tonnes.
  • It is also interesting to go to the Moscow Stat University to see the beautiful view on Moscow. Find out more here: Things to do in Moscow in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days.
Seven Sisters Moscow

One of the Seven Sisters Moscow on Kudrinskaya Square

  • 156 meters
  • 24 floors of which 18 are inhabited
  • Beneath the building are bunkers and other spaces whose construction was monitored by the KGB.

Soviet skyscraper on Krasnye Vorota Square

  • 138 meters
  • 24 floors
  • Closest metro: Krasnye Vorota

The Ukraine Hotel, one of the most beautiful Seven Sisters Moscow

  • 198 meters, 206 with the tip
  • Built to house a hotel complex: the Hotel Ukraine
  • Today it houses the Radisson Hotel Collection Moscow
  • Closest station: Kievskaya
  • Rooftop. It is possible to go to the 33rd floor to enjoy the view, even if you have chosen another hotel where to stay in Moscow. The panorama is 360 °. The 33rd floor is 120 meters high. The price per person is 1000 rubles and you will be entitled to a small drink on site. All info is on the hotel website.

Radisson cruises on the Moskva River depart from this hotel.

The Leningrad Hotel

  • 136 meters, the smallest Stalinist skyscraper
  • Located near Leningrad train station.
  • Closest station: Komsomolskaya
  • Today, it is the Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya hotel.

If you are going to Moscow, that’s cool to know where are the Seven Sisters in Moscow. Hope you’ll enjoy your trip! 🙂

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