Weekend in Moscow | What to do in Moscow for a long weekend?

Weekend in Moscow what to do for a long weekend in Moscow

Preparing a weekend in Moscow? In this blog post, I will share our travel tips for a best trip in Moscow ever: where to stay in Moscow, what to visit and what to do in Moscow for a long weekend!

Weekend in Moscow: what to visit? what to do?

We’ve been more than 10 times in Moscow. It is a big city, and there is always many things to do.

Find below what to do in Moscow for a long weekend (click on each place to find out more):

Find more about each of those places, but also bout the other places that you can visit in Moscow: Things to do in Moscow.

Where to stay for a long weekend in Moscow?

Moscow is really big. So, if you are going to spend a long weekend in Moscow, be sure to take an accommodation in the center of the city, or near the center, or near a metro station.

The heart of Moscow. You can limit the center of Moscow with the “first ring”. This is the avenue that goes around downtown Moscow, in Russian: Sadovoie koltso (Садовое кольцо), in English Garden Ring and in French Garden Belt. The right bank of the Moskva River, where the Moscow Kremlin is located, is more dynamic.

There are 6 interesting districts where to stay in Moscow for a weekend: Kuznetsky Most, Kitay Gorod, Arbat, Chistye prudy, Patriarsh prudy, Zamoskvorechye.

One of the best hotels where you can stay in Moscow is hotel Mercure. This hotel is a 15-minute walk from Red Square, near Arbat Street.

Find more out each district and the other hotels that we tested in Moscow here: Where to stay in Moscow?

Airport transfer, transport and taxi in Moscow

There are 3 international airports in Moscow. It is simple to go from the airport to the city on a special train (express), or on taxi. I have listed all the options and its costs in this blog post: Airport transfer in Moscow. If you are going to spend a long weekend in Moscow and you are arriving outside the office hours, I would recommend to take the taxi to save your time.

The public transport in Moscow is well developed. But the main issue is the traffic. So, the best way to avoid it is the metro. That’s why it is important to choose an accommodation near the metro station. All you need to know is here: Transport and taxi in Moscow. You can take a transport card if you stay a weekend in Moscow, or to pay each ticket one by one.

How to get a Russian visa?

The rules for getting the Russian visa are not the same for all the countries.

Hope this blog post has been useful for your futur weekend in Moscow! 🙂

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